Madeline Salter: Where is the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Now? (2024)

Greg Whiteley’s directorial, ‘America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders,’ a Netflix documentary, introduces us to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) class of 2023 and delves into their personal journeys of performing on the prestigious squad. Among them is Madeline Salter, a third-year veteran who is one of the few legacy cheerleaders on the team. Her mother, Shannon Hall Salter, was in the DCC class of 1989 and had danced with the team’s current director, Kelli Finglass. Despite this, Madeline was given no special advantages and earned her way onto the team with incredible hard work like the other members. We are made privy to a terrible situation that arose when Madeline’s father passed away, despite which she continued to dance and didn’t let her grief seep through. Madeline’s sheer determination, spirit, and resilience make one curious to know more about her story.

Madeline Salter Lived Up to Her Mother’s Legacy

Madeline’s journey in dance began at the tender age of six at the Top Hat Dance Center in Dallas, Texas. After her family moved to the Round Rock area, she continued her training at The Dance Gallery and The Dance Spot, joining their competitive dance companies. Her interest in dance continued to grow at Stony Point High School, where she became a Tiger Dancer and took on a leadership role for three years. The spirited young Texan girl decided to make a career in the performing arts and joined Oklahoma City University to earn a degree in dance. There, she received training in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz, as well as in acting.

During her time there, she was a member of the OCU Pep Dancers, cheerleading at basketball games, an experience which contributed to her later pursuit of a DCC membership. Broadening her skills, she also put on various stage performances with the American Spirit Dance Company for four seasons and on annual shows like ‘Broadway Revue,’ ‘Student Choreography Show,’ and ‘Home for the Holidays.’ As a child actor, she appeared on ‘’ and spent some summers training with the Rockettes in New York.

The Texan girl joined the training camp of the DCC in 2019, learning the team’s signature dance styles. In 2021, she tried out for the highly regarded squad and made it onto the team for the first time. Parts of her journey as a rookie in 2021 can be seen on season 16 of CMT’s reality show ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.’ The DCC star’s conviction to be a part of DCC largely stemmed from her mother’s fond recollections of her time on it.

“Mom has always had her DCC ring on her hand my whole life,” wrote Madeline on Instagram after having completed her first season with the team. “To me, I saw the ring as something so special to her. The DCC ring to her is not only jewelry but a constant symbol for family! And now that ring is on my hand and I am amazed of how the ring makes me feel!” Having felt the rush and excitement of being a part of her dream team, Madeline tried out again in 2022 and made it through for a second season. As a cheerleader, she participated in various high-profile events and games, contributing to the legacy of America’s Sweethearts​ with her skill in sign language.

Madeline Salter Models and is Trying Out for the DCC Again

The Legacy Cheerleader has diversified from her pursuit of dance, dabbled in modeling, and even some acting. On her website, she wrote, “I decided to strive for a career in modeling since it has been suggested to me many times, and I am doing my own research, seeing the endless opportunities towards modeling.” Her recent photoshoots and promotions include Star Magazine Swim Edition, the apparel brand KadyLuxe, and being on the DCC swimsuit calendar. She has even been featured in a recent video collaboration between DCC and Post Malone.

The cheerleader has found her tribe with the DCC, becoming increasingly involved and committed to the cheerleading team as well as the football players they support. After the 2023 season, she resolved to make it onto the team again and go on another one of the adventures that she has come to love. In May 2024, with help from professionals at a kinetic center, Madeline began working on aligning her kicks for the second round of tests on the DCC auditions.

The Three Time DCC Veteran Loves to Travel with Friends and Family

Whether it’s for DCC work or otherwise, Madeline Salter travels frequently with the members of her sisterhood. She has handed out awards at an F1 race, gone out to sea on a yacht, and partied at an array of locations in good company. She has expressed that she misses Oklahoma City and has even revisited it to refresh her college memories. The DCC star also appears to be single. When it comes to visiting her home state, the cheerleader often journeys with family.

She seems close to her mother and has a younger brother, Carson Salter, who is a fireman. The family has a liking for pets and has owned at least two dogs, a pug and a bulldog. Her father, Michael Salter, passed away during her 2022 season from a deteriorating mental state. Madeline also frequently contributes towards charitable work as a part of the DCC and has done so before her time on the team. She helped raise funds for the Miracle Children’s Network and Epsilon Fraternity and cared for children of single mothers with Celebration Church.

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Madeline Salter: Where is the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Now? (2024)
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