Top 10 Restaurants In O'Fallon Missouri (2024)

With an eclectic dining scene cooking up everything from authentic Mexican and Thai cuisine to good-old American barbecue, foodies eating out in O’Fallon, Missouri certainly won’t be disappointed. Read on for The Culture Trip’s round-up of the city’s best local eats.

1. McGurk’s Public House

Pub, Pub Grub

A long-standing local pub, McGurk’s Public House brings a little bit of Ireland to the heart of O’Fallon. Lively, cozy surroundings welcome guests with typical American pub fare like juicy steaks and hearty sandwiches, while traditional Irish recipes like beef and Guinness stew or slow-roasted corned beef and cabbage served with buttered Irish potatoes and carrots are also served alongside some fancier menu additions like pan-roasted tilapia with sweet potatoes, green beans, andouille sausage and sweet and sour pineapple. Naturally, there’s plenty of beer to wash down McGurk’s tasty grub, including domestic and craft brew varieties.

2. Thai Gourmet

Restaurant, Thai

For something deliciously different when dining out in O’Fallon, diners with a taste for the exotic should look no further than Thai Gourmet. Staying true to the roots of Thai cuisine, there’s plenty of authentic fare featured on the restaurant’s menu from familiar classic dishes like pad Thai (rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts, green onions and ground peanuts) and green curry (coconut milk with bamboo shoots, eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers and basil) available with a choice of chicken, pork, tofu, mixed vegetables, beef or shrimp. More adventurous diners can opt for house special dishes like garlic and pepper sautéed frog legs with green beans, carrots and cabbage.

3. Rendezvous Café and Wine Bar

Bar, Cafe, Wine Bar, American

Stop by Rendezvous Café and Wine Bar during the day and you’ll be treated to hearty breakfast fare, think biscuits with homemade sausage gravy, Belgian waffles or hash brown casserole; but visit in the evening and the cozy joint is transformed into a trendy wine bar with live music and a hip ambience. Wine connoisseurs will be spoiled with choices from Rendezvous’ 400 bottle strong wine list of varieties from across the globe, while gourmet-casual eats like hand-crafted pizzas and tapas dishes, savory Thai-style meatballs and cream cheese and sausage stuffed mushrooms, make the perfect accompaniment.

4. Don Emiliano’s

Restaurant, Mexican

Got a hankering for Mexican fare? Then head to Don Emiliano’s, a restaurant whose owners’ Mexican heritage ensures diners a mouth-wateringly authentic meal with each visit. Start with appetizers of choriquezo dip (homemade Mexican chorizo in a traditional cheese dip with onions and jalapeños) or guacamole tostadas before choosing from familiar main courses like burritos, chimichangas and fajitas or dishes like the Acapulco Gold (tilapia, shrimp, zucchini, tomatoes and onions steamed in parchment paper and served with sour cream and guacamole). Desserts and drinks are equally authentic with sweet treats like sopapilla and thirst-quenching Mexican cerveza on offer too.

5. The Brass Rail

Restaurant, Steakhouse

Named the city’s best steakhouse in the Best of O’Fallon Awards, The Brass Rail is the favorite local haunt of meat lovers. Classic American steakhouse fare abounds on the restaurant’s menu (think dry-aged, hand-cut prime sirloin and grilled ribeye steak) but guests will also find plenty of seafood dishes, pasta, sandwiches and house specialties like ‘steakloaf’ served over mashed potatoes and smothered in house-made mushroom gravy and crispy tabasco onion straws or Cajun sautéed fish tacos with homemade remoulade and pico de gallo. With treats like scratch-made apple bread pudding with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream, diners with a sweet tooth will want to make sure they leave room for dessert.

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6. Vince’s Asian Bistro

Bistro, Chinese, Korean

Vince’s Asian Bistro has been serving its signature mix of authentic Chinese and Korean fare to local diners for a decade and its popularity doesn’t show signs of waning anytime soon. Start with appetizers like pot stickers and spring rolls or opt for a hearty bowl of egg drop soup (napa cabbage, wood ear mushroom, carrot, egg and bamboo shoots in a clear, savory broth) before mains of jajung noodles (a Chinese-Korean dish of minced pork, zucchini and onions in a sweet black soybean paste served on a bed of homemade noodles) or bibimbap (a classic Korean dish of seasoned beef, vegetables, eggs and rice flavored with, gochujang, a spicy red pepper paste).

7. Blue Sky Café and Bar

Bar, Restaurant, American

Traditional American eats are the order of the day at Blue Sky Café and Bar a popular local joint open for lunch and dinner teaming its delicious cuisine with an extensive martini list, alongside wines and local beers. Team tempting starters like St. Louis-style toasted ravioli with marinara dipping sauce or deep-fried chicken strips with a range of burgers, sandwiches and wraps or entrées like sirloin topped with bourbon sauce and grilled mushrooms or pork chops with a white wine-honey-mustard sauce.

8. Piggy’s BarBQ

Bar, Restaurant, American

Founded by husband and wife team Gary and Anita Hellyer in 2005, who were joined by legendary local pit master Mike Killian two years later, Piggy’s BarBQ is the place to head in O’Fallon for fans of good, old-fashioned barbecue eats. A simple menu of sandwiches, platters and combo meals featuring classic barbecued pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked bratwurst, rib tips and the like is served along with sides including corn on the cob, potato salad and coleslaw while kid-sized portions include the likes of hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and mini pulled pork sandwiches.

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Top 10 Restaurants In O'Fallon Missouri (2024)


What is O Fallon Missouri famous for? ›

Although, as a town, O'Fallon began with Arnold and Nicholas Krekel, the City's historic sites include early American and Native American history, a War of 1812 settler fort and Civil War history.

What is Drake's in O'Fallon? ›

A restaurant that loves beer and a bar that loves food. Over 20 craft beers on tap, big burgers and the freshest sushi in town. Your go-to for lunch, dinner and late-night, Drake's is a free-wheeling, fun-loving kind of joint.

What is the most popular sit-down restaurant in America? ›

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  • BJ's Brewhouse.
  • Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. ...
  • Carrabba's Italian Grill. ...
  • Mellow Mushroom. ...
  • Bob Evans Restaurants. ...
  • Cheesecake Factory. Rob Crandall / Shutterstock. ...
  • Outback Steakhouse. QualityHD / Shutterstock. ...
  • Olive Garden. George Sheldon / Shutterstock. ...
Jul 5, 2019

Is O Fallon Missouri a good place to live? ›

Named “Safest City in Missouri (pop. 75,000+), National Council of Home Safety and Security, 2017. Named one of the country's “Top 10 Cities for Families 2017,” by, which ranked O'Fallon as 8th best overall. O'Fallon is the only Missouri city on the Top 10 list.

What is the oldest town in Missouri? ›

Genevieve, the first permanent white settlement in what is now Missouri, was founded by 1750. The Treaty of Fontainebleau, which would transfer French Louisiana to Spain, was signed on November 3, 1762.

Does Drake have an illness? ›

What's wrong with Drake's health? Drake explained that he's been having the “craziest problems” with his stomach. “Nothing crazy but just I want people to be healthy in life and I've been having the craziest problems for years with my stomach,” he said.

What does Drake live in? ›

In 2020, Drake purchased his Toronto mansion, a 50,000-square-foot $6.7 million property, featuring luxury amenities. The modern Art Deco home is filled with patterns, colors, and textures, boasting an indoor basketball court, recording studio, and more.

What TV show did Drake used to play on? ›

Gaining recognition by starring as Jimmy Brooks in the CTV teen drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001–2008), Drake began his recording career in 2006 with the release of his debut mixtape, Room for Improvement (2006).

What is the number 1 chain restaurant in America? ›

The Golden Arches take the golden crown for most revenue earned in 2022, easily beating out the competition. McDonald's made nearly $48 billion in sales last year, 74% more than the next big brand. Here's the full ranking of most revenue earned by fast food brands in 2022.

What is the name of the most popular restaurant? ›

  1. 1 Dairy Queen75%
  2. 2 Baskin-Robbins75%
  3. 3 Wendy's72%
  4. 4 Cinnabon68%
  5. 5 IHOP67%
  6. 6 KFC67%
  7. 7 The Cheesecake Factory66%
  8. 8 Taco Bell66%

What restaurant makes the most money? ›

Sales of the leading chain restaurants in the U.S. 2022

In 2022, McDonald's was the leading chain restaurant in the United States in terms of sales. The world renown burger chain amassed over 48.6 billion U.S. dollars in sales that year, which was around 20 billion more than Starbucks.

Where do millionaires live in Missouri? ›

The richest city in Missouri is Huntleigh, which has a median household income of $397,317. The median home price in Huntleigh is also the highest in the state at a whopping $2,156,347. Ladue is the second richest city in Missouri with a median household income of $342,815.

What is the safest town to live in in Missouri? ›

The list is created by examining crime rates calculated by the FBI. Safewise also evaluates results from a “state of safety” survey to determine how concerned residents in certain municipalities feel about crime. According to Safewise, the safest city in Missouri is Cottleville.

What is the prettiest place to live in Mo? ›

Florissant. It doesn't call itself 'the beautiful city' for nothing. Conveniently located just 25 minutes from downtown St Louis and adjacent to the Missouri River, Florissant offers a scenic and historic rest place away from the big city. This fact has made it one of the country's most popular retirement communities.

What is the name of the German town in Missouri? ›

Hermann, Missouri

What is Missouri unique for? ›

Missouri is the top producer of mined lead in the United States, and it's mainly used in car batteries. The state also produces the most lime in the nation. (Lime is a mineral used for steel manufacturing, among other things.)

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