The Best Brotato Builds for Beginners - Character Guide (2024)

A wide variety of builds is what makes roguelikes replayable, and Brotato has a lot of them. These builds range from simple, beginner-friendly setups to complex ones that require a lot of skill.

This list includes some of the best Brotato builds with simple mechanics that you can easily keep up with as a newer player. The characters used for these builds are either unlocked at the start of the game or can easily be acquired with a little effort.

The Best Builds for Brotato

The following characters are great options for beginner players that want to get their first win, while also being suitable for higher danger levels. Most of them use unique setups and playstyles that are tailored toward various kinds of players. Try them out and find one that works well for you.

Mage – The elemental build

Available at the start of the game

The Best Brotato Builds for Beginners - Character Guide (1)

With a simple focus on elemental damage, the Mage might be one of the easiest builds to get your first win. Most of your stat boosts will go towards increasing your ‘Elemental damage’ and ‘Range’ stats so you can deal big numbers without getting too close to your enemies.

Make your character more sustainable with high HP and dodge stats so you can survive the late-game waves when running away might not be an option. If you do not find any of the stat boosts mentioned above, you could invest in a little bit of armor and life steal.

Why you should play a Mage

  • It has an easy setup.
  • It can dish out a lot of damage.

Ranger – the safe distance build

Available at the start of the game

The Best Brotato Builds for Beginners - Character Guide (2)

As a glass-canon character, the ranger will require you to evade enemies a bit more frequently than beefier characters would have to. Fortunately, this is compensated with high damage output and range that can take them out without needing you to get too close.

Attack speed, Damage, and Ranged Damage are great stats to focus on to keep late-game crowds under control. With a wide set of ranged weapons available, you can grab a mix of single-target weapons and ‘Area of effect’ ones.

With your HP modifications nerfed, increasing your Dodge stat is the best way to keep your character alive. This should let you miss enemy attacks, which prevents potential loss of HP.

Why you should play a ranger

  • You can deal with most enemies without needing to get too close
  • Brotato offers a wide variety of ranged weapons to go with this build.

Chunky – the tank build

Unlocked after your first loss

The Best Brotato Builds for Beginners - Character Guide (3)

Chunky is an HP-focused character. This build may nerf your damage by a bit but is sure to make you incredibly hard to kill.

This Brotato build is incredibly sustainable if paired with boosts to its maximum HP, life-steal, and regeneration rate. These high health stats should keep you alive while you fight your enemies with the little damage you have access to.

Why you should play Chunky

  • Incredibly sustainable with benefits to HP modifications.
  • Its high health pool gives players additional room for error.

Lucky – The material collector

Unlocked after collecting 300 materials

The Best Brotato Builds for Beginners - Character Guide (4)

Not many alternative playstyles in Brotato will be as much fun to run with as this one is. The character named Lucky deals damage to enemies by picking up materials they drop instead of relying on weapons.

This is a luck-based build and uses it as a source of damage. Upgrade it as much as you can to increase the damage you deal while collecting materials. A few other stats like speed should let you collect these materials efficiently and more often.

Sustainability is key to this build as you will often go through hoards of enemies to collect materials in order to deal damage. A high HP bar and chance to dodge will be incredibly useful through this process.

Why you should play lucky:

  • It is a fun alternate playstyle that lets you beat your enemies by collecting rewards
  • This form of damage saves you from coming in contact with too many enemies early in the game.

Engineer – The technician

Unlocked after placing 5 turrets on the map at the same time

The Best Brotato Builds for Beginners - Character Guide (5)

The Engineer build is simple and efficient. Stick to weapons and items that place machines like turrets and mines on the battlefield, and just spend your time defeating leftover enemies. Unlike with most other characters, the machines placed by the engineer spawn near each other, letting you stay in one place.

All the effects of these machines are based on your engineering stats, so make sure to upgrade it whenever you get a chance. Making sustainability your next priority is vital as you will not be moving around too often. This makes you easily vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Why you should play the engineer:

  • It lets you get through most endgame stages without moving around much.
  • It is a great Build for anybody that loves using turrets and mines.

Old – The Slow Build

Unlocked after killing 300 enemies

The Best Brotato Builds for Beginners - Character Guide (6)

The ‘Old’ character may seem similar to the basic, well-rounded character. However, its ability to slow down enemies can lead to a few unique playstyles. Being faster than your enemies lets you escape difficult situations and maintain a safe distance until the wave ends.

The taser is a great starting weapon as it slows down enemies even further. It also lets you set up an elemental damage build, which is easy to maintain. If you can deal with their low damage, tasers are excellent additions to this build.

Why you should play old:

  • It is a simple build with a lot of room for customization.
  • Great for players that are looking for something simple.

Ghost – The Ethereal weapons

Unlocked after reaching +60% Dodge

The Best Brotato Builds for Beginners - Character Guide (7)

While requiring a little more skill to survive the early-game than most other builds on this list, Ghost is one of the stronger builds out there. Its high dodge cap and damage output let you feel like an assassin as you dodge enemy attacks while destroying them.

This character benefits from focusing on ethereal weapons and the dodge stat. Use the ethereal weapons that come your way to quickly rack up your HP and attack stats while spending your level-up points to work on your Dodge. By the end of this run, these stats should be higher than you would be able to achieve with most other builds.

The high HP from the Ghost Scepter and the high Dodge stats should make you pretty tanky by the end of the game. However, you will have to put in more effort to not get hit early in the game as your low armor score could cause trouble.

Why you should play Ghost:

  • It is one strongest late-game builds available with minimum effort.
  • Using its dedicated weapons makes the player much stronger.

With a ton of characters to choose from, Brotato may feel a bit complicated to newer players. This Brotato builds guide should help players find the tips, tricks, and hints they need to win.

Do you agree with his list? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to check out our guides and videos for more games to enjoy!

The Best Brotato Builds for Beginners - Character Guide (2024)
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