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Welcome to The Brooks of Cibolo Senior Living

Independent Living | Assisted Living | Memory Care

Independent living at The Brooks of Cibolo Senior Living is where older adults discover an enhanced lifestyle free from hassles. Join our community to engage in enriching activities, foster new friendships, and confidently enjoy your freedom.

When caring for your loved one at home becomes overwhelming, our assisted living in Cibolo is ready to help. The Brooks of Cibolo Senior Living gives family members the power to step back from their caregiver roles and become a son or daughter again.


Our community for senior living in Cibolo, Texas is conveniently located at 816 Everyday Way, Cibolo, TX. Our peaceful location and idyllic atmosphere create a welcoming and comforting environment for Cibolo seniors and their family members.

Older adults relax and unwind in our pet-friendly apartments for senior living near San Antonio. With top-quality care and restaurant-style dining, our residents have ample opportunity to fill their days with purpose. It’s time to enjoy peaceful country senior living deep in the heart of South Central Texas.

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We are proud to say
we are deficiency free!

*Based on the most recent inspection from Texas Health and Human Services, we had no violations of state standards.

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Senior Living in Cibolo, TX Honors Residents With Miracle Moments

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Lifestyle Options and Senior Care Services

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Independent Senior Living | Cibolo, TX

If you’re searching for communities just for seniors in the San Antonio area, you’re in the right place. Every day is a never-ending vacation with independent living at The Brooks of Cibolo. Whether you want to try a new hobby or socialize with new friends, the retirement years provide the space and freedom to do things at your own pace. From trash removal to housekeeping, we take care of life’s tasks so you can focus on the adventures ahead.

Explore Independent Living

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Assisted Living | Cibolo, TX

If you are looking for exceptional Cibolo or San Antonio senior living, we offer you ease and autonomy on your terms. An ever-evolving list of activities and chef-prepared meals add a new spice to daily life. Comfort is yours with our 24-7 caregiving team and private, well-appointed living accommodations.

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Memory Care | Cibolo, TX

Passionate care for our Alzheimer’s and dementia residents means finding moments of happiness and purpose each day. When daily reminders are the key to our residents feeling loved and cherished, the environment is an important factor. That’s why we’ve created a cozy, home-like setting for memory care near Cibolo at The Cottage, offering a comprehensive and intimate approach to memory care. Our skilled and compassionate team provides specialized services for all phases of dementia.

We Are Nationally-Recognized Certified Dementia Practitioners!

Our certified dementia practitioner training enhances memory care in the Cibolo area.

Explore Memory Care Near Cibolo

In-House Therapy to Encourage Wellness

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Our partnership with Select Rehabilitation ensures that residents receive physical, occupational, and speech therapies aimed at achieving their optimal well-being.

A lifestyle of wellness awaits. Get acquainted with this life-changing program today!

Picture Our Passion,
Then Make It Yours Too.

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Unleash Your Creativity:
Join Our Patriotic Art Classes for Seniors!

The Brooks of Cibolo Senior Living proudly presents our Diamond Dot Art and Social Club, led and founded by talented Resident Ambassadors. Our art classes for seniors offer a unique opportunity to express creativity and make friends. Our passionate club members have collaborated on various projects, including creating stunning artwork for the Cibolo Valley VFW Post 8315 and the City of Cibolo.

Visit our community to admire the magnificent artwork displayed on our Veteran Wall, or join us during one of our Art Walk events. Immerse yourself in the beauty and inspiration of these detailed projects, lovingly crafted by dedicated senior residents.

Join our art classes and clubs for older adults and experience the joy of forging meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Start with a tour!

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Honoring Our Heroes:
Senior Living for Veterans with Gratitude and Care

At The Brooks of Cibolo Senior Living, we take immense pride in offering exceptional senior living for veterans. We extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to the brave who have served our country selflessly. It is our privilege to provide a comfortable and supportive community where veterans can enjoy their well-deserved retirement years.

As a testament to our gratitude, we gladly accept VA Benefits to help cover the costs of Assisted Living and Memory Care services. We understand the importance of ensuring veterans and their spouses receive the care they deserve without added financial burden.

Look no further if you or your loved one is a veteran seeking a senior living community that appreciates your service. Contact us today to learn more about our veteran-friendly senior living options and how we accept VA Benefits. Thank you for your service.

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The Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Senior Living Community

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Your Guide to The Brooks of Cibolo Senior Living's Amenities and Services


Our Delicious Passionate Dining Program and Sample Menus

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Our monthly community newsletter helps our residents stay connected with each other. Residents, families, and friends of Double Creek Assisted Living and Memory Care in Round Rock can read up on community news, see photos from activities and events, share in resident celebrations, read fun facts and stories, and more! Check back monthly to see new highlights.

Welcome Home

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Welcome Home

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Senior Living in Cibolo, TX | The Brooks of Cibolo (2024)
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