How to Beat Brotato - The Ultimate Brotato Guide (2024)

Not many action roguelikes released today grow in popularity as quickly as Brotato has. Its wide variety of characters combined with a sizable choice of weapons and items adds multiple layers of complexity to what seems like a simple game about a potato wielding arms.

While the complexity of this game is the heart of its charm, it can easily overwhelm new players. This Brotato guide should provide you with tips and tricks to improve your gameplay, push through more waves and eventually get your first win.

Crafting Your Build in Brotato

Understanding how to craft a suitable build for your character in Brotato is essential to a good run as every choice you make throughout it will depend on this idea. Your unique weapon choices, store purchases, and stat upgrades will revolve around the aspects of the character you focus on.

Brotato offers players a wide variety of builds to Experiment with. A good way to conjure your perfect setup is by using the information on the character select screen. This should give you an idea of the stats that will be most beneficial to you.

A ranged character will usually benefit from ranged weapons and ranged damage modifiers, while melee and elemental damage builds will do best with their respective stats.

Obtaining specific achievements in the game will let you unlock new characters, which will expand the number of builds you can work with.

Picking the Right Character

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The game starts your run by having you pick one of many Brotato characters. You will initially have access to x to choose from, and unlock more as you achieve more milestones in-game.

Some characters will specialize in certain equipment like ethereal and blade weapons while others will let you start off with more HP. A few characters might even change the way you play the game by making you avoid enemies instead of fighting them.

Characters that do not rely on melee damage are great starting options as they let you maintain a safe distance from enemies while fighting them. The Ranger and Mage are some of the best characters for your first Brotato win.

The Best Weapons in Brotato

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Like most other aspects of the game, your weapon choices will depend on the build you are trying to develop. Start your run by picking a damage type to focus on (Melee, Ranged, or Elemental), and pick weapons that depend on it.

Well-rounded weapons like the pistol, x, and x work well early on. High-flat-damaged weapons will work great with a high damage percentage builds while weapons that use a percentage modifier scale with high flat damage stats.

Etherial weapons are great starters for ranged and melee damage builds as they will help you quickly ramp up the stats associated with them. These weapons work exceptionally well with the Ghost character that you can unlock over time, but are great options regardless.

There are a few exceptions to these principles. For example, the Generalist character benefits from the simultaneous use of ranged and melee weapons while the Pacifist is not affected by which weapons you pick.

Leveling Up in Brotato

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Collecting materials dropped by enemies gives you experience points, which lets you level up over time. Leveling up rewards you with buffs to your character’s stats.

These buffs are different from the items you buy as they are free and have no negative side effects. Higher levels will reward you with stronger buffs that give you a more significant boost to your stats.

Remember to reroll your options once or twice if you find nothing that suits your Brotato build.

Efficiently Using the Item Shop

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The item store in the game is an essential part of your run. Make sure to use your currency wisely.

Do not use your materials on items that do not contribute to your character. A boost to your melee damage will not do you any good if your weapons only deal ranged damage.

Most items require you to make a tradeoff. The best ones you can pick are those that boost your build’s main stats and reduce ones that play no role in it. If you have a stat that is way higher than required, a small reduction to it might also be worth it.

Make sure to reroll your items a few times if you have extra materials. The first few rolls are very cheap and have a chance of letting you find incredibly useful items. Stop rerolling when the price rises too high.

There are a few builds that gain power from saving materials. However, even these setups benefit from early-game purchases while the items are cheap as you will easily be able to make up for the loss in later stages.

Damage Types and Other Stats

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Weapons usually deal at least one of the three damage types: Melee, Ranged, or Elemental, with some dealing a combination of two. Boosts to these stats increase the potency of weapons that use them. These should be your go-to level-up picks if your build relies on dealing damage from weapons.

Balancing out your damage stats helps you get a greater damage output. High flat damage builds benefit from a percentage increase, while burst damage characters with big numbers and high cooldowns could use attack speed boosts.

Increasing your Max HP helps all builds become more sustainable. Even ones that reduce HP modifications usually benefit from a small increase to your health pool.

Increasing your ‘Dodge’ stat is another great way to keep your character alive, especially with a glass canon build. Dodge-heavy characters can evade most incoming attacks.

Depending on your setup, some stats will benefit you more than others. More Luck and Harvest can help players that focus on collecting materials while engineering works well with builds using mines and turrets.

Getting Better at Brotato

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As with most action roguelikes, getting good at Brotato will require a few replays before you understand everything about it. Each new run will get you a little more familiar with enemy patterns and the items available.

Try out different builds to figure out which ones you like. Most characters in the game are worth trying out at least once.

Different weapons work well for different players. Try using new ones ones until you find those that you are comfortable starting the game with.

Quick Brotato Tips to Get Your First Win

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  • Focus on your character’s strengths. Trade away stats that will not benefit your run.
  • Boost your Max HP and Dodge stats to make your character more sustainable.
  • Reroll often if your choices do not seem appealing.
  • Destroy trees whenever possible for a chance to get a chest with a random item.
  • Move around often and do not get close to enemies unless your build requires you to.

The game may seem incredibly complex with its wide range of characters, weapons, and items. However, a handful of tips and tricks combined with a few practice runs should soon make things much easier. This Brotato guide should help you get familiar with the game, so you can soon get your first win.

Did you find this guide helpful? Do you have any more tips and tricks for Brotato players? Let us know in the comment section below.

How to Beat Brotato - The Ultimate Brotato Guide (2024)
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