Guide for Brotato - General hints and tips (2024)

Difficulty does not affect achievements in this game, so when you load up the game the first time, go to Options and turn the sliders for enemy health, Damage, and Speed to 25%. There are a couple of achievements where it might be easier to have tougher enemies, but for the most part you don't have to change the difficulty again.

Each run is going to be basically the same. You choose a Brotato that you have not yet completed a run with and select a starting weapon. Each round lasts either 30 seconds or one minute. You will move around, automatically attacking enemies and collecting the green "material" which acts as currency. This currency can be used between levels to buy new weapons and items in the shop. It also increases your level when you pick up enough. After doing your shop business you start the next level which will have more/harder enemies and repeat until round 20.

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Increasing your level gives you +1 max HP and lets you pick an upgrade at the end of the wave.

In the shop at the end of round 19, there will be two options in the bottom right - Endless or Round 20. Choose Round 20 every time to make your life easier and completion shorter. At round 20 a boss will appear. Defeat the boss and you have finished a run with that Brotato. Go back to the menu, choose a new Brotato, and repeat the process 44 times in total.

Not all Brotatoes, weapons and items are unlocked at the start of the game. By winning runs with Brotatoes, and obtaining achievements, new characters and equipment are unlocked. If you complete a run with every character, you will unlock pretty much everything without needing to think about it.

Even though we have the setting on the easiest difficulty, we still need to deal with Danger levels. When you have chosen your character and starting weapon you can choose a Danger level. At first, only Danger 0 will be available. Winning a run in that level unlocks Danger 1. Winning a run in Danger 1 unlocks Danger 2, and so on up to Danger 5. Each Danger level spawns more or harder enemies. However, because we have our enemy sliders at the minimum level it is still very easy, and you only have to win a run on the higher Danger levels one time per level. Otherwise, you can keep it on Danger 0.

In each round, as well as the material, enemies and trees (which appear automatically) will sometimes drop fruits or chests when destroyed. Fruit restores health. Chests contain an item that you can choose to collect or recycle (returning some material to you) at the end of the round.

Which weapon you choose as your starting weapon, and which ones you pick up from the shop, is largely down to personal preference. There are melee and ranged weapons, some of which have extra effects such as piercing or burning. Some characters can only equip one type of weapon, or a limited number. You can also spawn turrets to help you if you pick up the right items or weapons. The basic idea is to synergize your loadout and maximise your scaling.

Weapon damage is affected by your statistics. You can see which statistic affects a given weapon's performance thanks to the small icons in its description.

For example, if you pick up a spanner, it will spawn a turret. The damage of turrets is based on your Engineering skill, so you might want to pick up future items that then increase that skill, improving the effectiveness of your turret(s). In general, you want to prioritize a few of your stats you upgrade, rather than spreading yourself too thin. So, get a bunch of ranged weapons and increase your range, ranged damage, critical chance, and attack speed (for example), and ignore melee weapons and related stats, in order to maximize your power.

You can always see your loadout and skills by pressing the Guide for Brotato - General hints and tips (2) button. Skills are also listed on the right-hand side in the shop. As per the synergizing comment above, it doesn't matter if some of your skills are in minus if some of the other ones are boosted 50 or 100 per cent. Some skills have related effects. For example, health regen, life steal, armour, and dodge are all related to keeping your health up. Therefore, you don't need to upgrade all of them constantly. Just concentrate on one or two and then invest in other areas. After all, if the enemies can't hit you because your Dodge is so high then Armour or excessive health becomes irrelevant.

Because each character has different advantages or disadvantages, you'll need to adjust your style depending on their perks. Overall, I found that max health is not so important - normally 30 or 40 is plenty. Since we're playing on easy you probably won't need a lot of health regeneration or life steal either. Attack speed is almost always very useful, as are damage boosts. In any case, during your minimum 44 runs you will have plenty of chance to experiment.

When you level up, you can choose an upgrade to your stats at the end of the round, such as extra health, more damage, etc. If you have enough Material, you can reroll your choices (which you can also do in the shop) to try and get something better. Sufficient funds are rarely an issue, and you'll have thousands to spend over the course of a run, although better items and weapons of course cost more. If you have picked up a crate, you will be able to obtain an item or to recycle it. Usefully, shops also have an increased chance to offer weapons related to the ones you already have. Some characters might be offered only certain types of weapons or items based on their individual restrictions. For example, the Bull character cannot equip any weapons so will not be offered any.

There are four levels of weapons. You can combine two of the same weapons of the same level (select the weapon in the shop and choose the combine option) to create one weapon with a higher level or just buy higher level weapons in the shop. If your weapon slots are full but the shop offers a weapon you already have of equivalent tier, then you can still click on that weapon, and it will upgrade automatically when purchased. So, if you have no weapon slots free and one of your weapons is a tier II stick, and the shop offers you a tier II stick, you can still select the shop weapon and you will end up with a single tier III stick in your inventory.

Now that the introduction is out of the way, let's get some achievements.

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Guide for Brotato - General hints and tips (2024)
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