Get £75 off Ninja's Creami Deluxe Ice Cream Maker for the perfect summer treat (2024)

If you love a yummy ice cream, creamy milkshake, or iced coffee frappes during the summer months, you need to know about the viral Ninja Creami Deluxe 10 in 1 Ice Cream Maker. Plus, this week we've discovered a deal you won't want to miss. For a limited time only, QVC has slashed the Ninja Creami Deluxe by £75, so you can bag the must-have summer gadget for just under £200.

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This is an unbeatable deal that won't be around for long and isn't available anywhere else—we've checked. If you were to shop for this Ninja Creami Deluxe bundle directly from Ninja's website, it would set you back a whopping £274.98, so the fact that the QVC deal gets you it for £199.95 is epic.

But it doesn't stop there. You can even get an additional £5 off your first online QVC order using the code FIVE4U, further reducing the bundle to £194.95, making this by far the cheapest deal available anywhere right now.


Ninja Creami Deluxe 10 in 1 Ice Cream Maker

£195£275Save £80 with code

You can save £75 for a limited time on Ninja's well loved ice cream maker thanks to a flash sale at QVC. It can whip up gelato, sorbet, frozen yoghurt, slushies, milkshakes and more.

Save £80 with code

£195 at QVC

Why do you need another gadget on your kitchen counter? Well, one happy shopper said the frozen treat maker is "hands down the best money I’ve ever spent", while another customer said it has "completely blown" away their expectations and that they "avidly use every day."

Not only does this QVC set include the ice cream gadget, but the exclusive bundle also includes two additional tubs, giving you five tubs altogether so you can create even more ice cream and sweet treats at once.

Why we rate it

To highlight just how much of a great deal this is, if you were to buy the Ninja Creami Deluxe without the two additional tubs it would cost you £249.99 at Ninja right now, so there's no denying this bundle is a steal.

What's included:

  • 1 x Motor Base

  • 1 x Outer Bowl Lid

  • 1 x Outer Bowl

  • 1 x Paddle

  • 5 x Ice Cream Tub Lids

  • 5 x Ice Cream Tubs (709ml)

  • 1 x Recipe Guide

The Ninja Creami has been hugely popular on social media these past few years, especially on the video-sharing app TikTok, where it has racked up millions of video views from dessert lovers sharing their creations, ranging from strawberry pineapple sorbet to double chocolate chip ice cream.

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While there are older models, the Creami in the QVC bundle is a newer model that boasts ten one-touch programs, including new functions such as frappe, frozen drink, slushie, and frozen yogurt.

What makes it so great, you ask? Firstly, there's a plethora of programs to perfect your homemade dessert-making skills, whether you're a frozen mojito fan or love a classic bowl of vanilla ice cream. There are 10 easy-to-use functions in total, which includes a clever mix-in function, so you can add nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and more to your chilled creations.

The 10 deluxe programs:

  • Ice Cream – Create your own thick, creamy ice cream by mixing milk or dairy-free alternatives with fruit, chocolate and more.

  • Gelato – Create your own gelato at home, from coffee to lemon.

  • Sorbet – Easily turn fresh or tinned fruit into a refreshingly cold, fruit-rich sorbet

  • Light Ice Cream – Enjoy a healthier twist on ice cream by combining low-sugar or milk alternatives

  • Frozen Yoghurt – Create your favourite yogurt and fruit for a refreshing and healthy summer treat

  • Milkshake – Make extra thick shakes using milk, ice cream or dairy-free milk alternatives

  • Frozen Drink – Create alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen drinks by combining your favourite fruit juices or fizzy drinks

  • Slushi – Create slushes by turning water and your favourite fruity drink or syrups into shaved treats

  • Frappe – Recreate your favourite coffee shop experience by creating a refreshing iced coffee frappe at home

  • Mix-Ins – The mix-In functions allow you to add nuts, chocolate and more to ice cream and milkshakes for a little something extra

The Ninja Deluxe also holds 50% more ice cream than the original Ninja Creami, and you'll receive five tubs in total, which can fit an impressive three and a half litres of ice cream.

Fill up a dessert tub with whatever ingredients you fancy and pop in the freezer for 24 hours. You then place the tub into the outer bowl, attach the paddle and lid and put it into the machine. Select whatever function you want and within minutes you'll have yourself a delicious frozen treat.

Get £75 off Ninja's Creami Deluxe Ice Cream Maker for the perfect summer treat (9)

Get £75 off Ninja's Creami Deluxe Ice Cream Maker for the perfect summer treat (10)

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Plus, if you're unsure where to start, the Ninja Creami Deluxe comes with a recipe guide filled with a ton of yummy ideas you'll want to try ASAP.

Did we mention the tubs, lids, and paddle are all dishwasher safe too? So, everything is very easy to clean, which is always a added bonus.

What the reviews say

Don't just take our word for it, on Ninja there are over 100 five-star reviews, proving it's a must-have summer gadget.

  • "I’m totally obsessed and am loving it. Really easy to use and have made some amazing things already! Can’t wait to keep trying more!"

  • "My first try was a slushie and it came out perfectly, just like store bought, next was the basic vanilla to which I added apple sauce, cinnamon and nutmeg as mix-ins for an apple pie type ice cream and it was delicious. I then tried vanilla on its own and it was so good and so smooth, better than even the premium store bought tubs. It took minutes to make every one and clean-up was easy. This deluxe machine is still noisy but quieter than the original machine and much more usable."

  • "Bigger and better. This is much better than the first Creami, so many more drink options and more volume."

  • "What a great product it's so easy to create stunning creams and drinks and still learning new recipes."

  • "Hands down the best money I’ve ever spent, everybody needs a Ninja Creami."

  • "Bought the ninja creami deluxe as i wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Mega game changer for making protein ice cream. Now i can enjoy a sweet treat and not feel guilty. No problems at all using it. Would definitely recommend."

Shop now: Ninja Creami Deluxe 10 in 1 Ice Cream Maker | £199.96 (Was £274.98) from QVC

Get £75 off Ninja's Creami Deluxe Ice Cream Maker for the perfect summer treat (11)

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Get £75 off Ninja's Creami Deluxe Ice Cream Maker for the perfect summer treat (2024)
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