Brotato beginners' guide – tips and tricks (2024)

Brotato is a roguelite arena shooter that plays differently to similar games in the genre. You will be working with weapon configurations and purchasing items from a shop after every wave. It’s not a difficult game to grasp, but it is a punishing game that can throw failure after failure at you. The difficulty can be frustrating if you don’t know how to make the most of your abilities.

With some helpful tips and tricks, you can quickly adapt and get to know the variety of Brotato characters on offer. You will be able to hold your own against the horde of enemies, while having fun coming up with combinations to experiment with. Here are the tips you need to know if you are a beginner at Brotato.

HP Regeneration is often better than Lifesteal

Finding a way to restore health is vital in Brotato, and you have two main ways of doing so (apart from eating fruit). The first way is through HP Regeneration, which restores your health overtime. The second is Lifesteal, which gives you a chance to restore one health with every attack.

Lifesteal sounds great, but the chances of healing per attack aren’t great in the early stages. You would need to get a significant amount just to recover one health per attack at a decent rate. HP Regeneration is more consistent for healing, as it always heals even when you aren’t attacking.

Weapon types convey bonuses for stats

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Weapon types can give you bonus stats the more weapons you equip of that type. For example, the Precise weapon type will give you an increase in Critical Chance the more Precise weapons you have equipped. Having all six weapons from one weapon type will give you a great stat boost that can either give you a great advantage or give you more room to increase other stats.

Weapons are upgraded when combined with the same rarity

As you start getting into Rounds 10-19, you might note that your damage starts to fall off. Having better quality weapons will increase their damage and boost their effects. You have four rarities: Normal (black), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (red/orange).

Finding high rarity weapons in the shop can require great luck. By combining equal rarity weapons together (black + black, blue + blue), you can create more powerful versions of weapons without having to buy them in the store. It also works even if you have no room for weapons; you can buy a weapon from the store and it will combine with a weapon in your inventory if they are the same rarity.

Equip a single weapon six times

One way to get a weapon type bonus easily and keep your upgrades consistent is to make all of your weapons the same. That means getting six Shotguns, six Pistols, six Shurikens etc. This not only makes it easy for you to strengthen the weapon bonus, but it also makes it easier for you to upgrade versions of the same weapon.

Reroll level upgrades if you aren’t satisfied

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A Brotato will typically only level up about 20 levels. You won’t have many opportunities to upgrade stats through levels, and you want to make sure that you are getting the correct stat boosts. If you aren’t satisfied, pay the money to reroll your stat boosting options. It’s significantly better than wasting a level up on a stat that doesn’t affect you at all.

Don’t be afraid to boost stats with a negative modifier

When you take on a Brotato, you might notice they have negative modifiers with some stats. For example, the Chunky Brotato has a 25% penalty for Damage and Speed. While these negative modifiers might tell you what a character shouldn’t focus on, sometimes it’s not a great idea to neglect the negative modifiers.

Going back to the Chunky Brotato, not focusing on Damage will be a disadvantage in future rounds since enemies have more health. By getting items that increase Damage, you will prepare the Chunky Brotato for future opponents. While it may not seem smart, it can be the smart decision for some Brotatos.

Don’t underestimate the Luck stat

Luck affects the appearance of rare items, as well as increasing the likelihood of getting items and consumables from enemies. Getting more consumables to heal you in the midst of battle is never a bad idea, and more item drops (the brown crates) can only help you. It may not always work in your favor, but having better item/stat rolls in the future is much better than having poor picks and there’s nothing good to choose from.

The Dodge stat is great for avoiding damage

You need a way to survive powerful attacks. You can increase your Max HP, boost your Armor, or invest in the Dodge stat. The Dodge stat gives you a chance to avoid damage, up to a maximum of 60%. While that doesn’t do anything to mitigate damage if you take a hit, a 60% chance of avoiding damage is amazing, especially in the later rounds when enemies start swarming and you need to run to safety.

Make sure you are fast enough to run away from enemies

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Enemies in Brotato have different movement speeds. Some are fast, some are slow, and some can gain a boost of speed to charge at you. You never want to be slow enough that an enemy can constantly damage you. Always make sure to have just enough in your Speed stat to maintain distance from an enemy. The last thing you want is to always be stuck to an enemy, and they can constantly damage you until you die.

You don’t need to defeat the final boss, but it is never a bad idea

When you get to Round 20, you will face a boss enemy. It will have a health bar and more powerful moves than regular enemies. It is also a 90 second round compared to the usual 60 seconds. If you defeat the boss, you will end the round and it will count as a success for the Brotato you are using.

Defeating the boss can be difficult since it is considerably more durable than other enemies, and it gets stronger as it gets low on health. Fortunately, you don’t need to defeat it to win. You just have to run out the clock and victory is yours, even if the boss is at full health.

As you get more experienced, you may no longer need to stick to some of these tips, or you can find exceptions to the rule. For now, these tips will be enough to get you through the game as you adapt to Brotato’s gameplay. Once you are more experienced, you can put some of these tips aside and focus on strategies that help you excel.

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Brotato beginners' guide – tips and tricks (2024)
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