6 Best Weapons in Brotato (2024)

Adding a unique charm to the gaming world, Brotato comes to life with its exceptional choice of weaponry and gameplay in the much-beloved Shooter games. With a promise to keep you hooked and addicted, the game offers diverse weapon choices, allowing players to enter a dimension whole of shoot-'em-up combat. In each battle, the potato enters the battle arena armed with a choice of up to six powerful ammunition of one type.

In the simplistic-looking battle arena, enemies come in multitudes. However, with as many as up to six weapons simultaneously, you can tear down several enemies at a go. For this reason, it is crucial to select the best weapons that will strike maximum damage against your enemies. While there are several aspects to consider in your selection, the ultimate decision on individual preferences and playstyles. Nevertheless, having a guide on the best weapons in Brotato is an awesome kickstart for your adventure.

6. Crossbow

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The Crossbow is a foundational choice in Brotato, especially in the early game, offering players a reliable option for ranged attacks. With a simple yet effective design, it boasts a commendable 60% scaling with range damage, providing a selection for various character builds. While it may lack the extreme damage output of latest-game weapons, the Crossbow's straightforwardness and efficiency make it an excellent companion.

A notable feature enhancing the Crossbow's appeal is its ability to pass through enemies upon critical hits. Despite being in the A-tier category within the tier list, the Crossbow remains a strong and dependable weapon. Additionally, the Crossbow maintains its value throughout the game, proving instrumental in different scenarios and contributing to successful Brotato runs.

5. Sniper Gun

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The Sniper Gun in Brotato is an impressive and powerful ranged weapon. It provides players with a unique combination of precision and impactful shots. Serving as an upgrade from the Crossbow, it features an impressive 100% scaling with range damage and an additional 20% with attack range, delivering exceptional accuracy and substantial damage output.

The gun is known for its capability to deliver powerful single-target hits from a considerable distance, making it an invaluable asset for players who value precision in their gameplay.

Positioned in the B-tier category in the tier list, the Sniper Gun is a strong and reliable choice, offering players a satisfying and enticing experience as they tackle the game's challenges. Similarly, with its exceptional attributes, the Sniper Gun stands out as a top option for players in search of a specialized and potent ranged weapon in the game.

4. Slingshot

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The Slingshot in Brotato is an absolute game-changer, earning its rightful place in the coveted S-tier category. This iconic weapon’s effectiveness and versatility are unmatched, making it a top choice for players aiming to conquer the game's challenges. With its unique mechanics, the Slingshot scales exceptionally well with range damage, unleashing devastating bounces that hit multiple enemies in a single shot.

The Slingshot's performance makes it a go-to weapon for various character builds, excelling in early and late-game scenarios. Its ability to clear hordes efficiently and deal substantial damage to bosses cements its status as a must-have in any player's arsenal. As a game-defining weapon, the Slingshot simplifies encounters and elevates the overall enjoyment of the Brotato experience. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned player, the Slingshot's reliability and potency make it an indispensable companion on the journey to victory.

3. SMG

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The Submachine Gun in Brotato is super awesome! It's like a superhero weapon because it's so strong and versatile. The weapon is in the S-tier, which is like the VIP section for weapons. Similarly, this gun is like a rapid-fire wizard – it shoots really fast and hits enemies hard, bringing out the real vibe of an immersive shoot-'em-up video game.

The SMG is remarkable because it's excellent for the game's early and late scenarios. It doesn't matter if you're dealing with lots of little baddies or facing a big boss; the SMG has your back. The best part is that it can steal life, like a health magician. So, when you're in trouble, it helps you stay alive by restoring your health. So, if you see the SMG in the game, grab it and get ready for an epic adventure!

2. Nuclear Launcher

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The Nuclear Launcher in Brotato is another absolute game-changer. It's like bringing a bazooka to a water balloon fight, overkill in the best way possible. This weapon is a tier above the rest, landing itself in the prestigious S-tier category. When you get your hands on the Nuclear Launcher, you're basically holding the key to destroying everything in your path.

What makes the Nuclear Launcher extraordinary is its incredible base damage and the massive explosion it creates. Notably, it doesn't just hit enemies; it wipes them off the screen like they never existed. The best part is that it scales with both Elemental and ranged damage, making it a versatile powerhouse. It's like having your own personal apocalypse button. While some weapons are suitable for specific situations, the Nuclear Launcher is an all-in-one solution. Need to clear a horde? Boom! Dealing with a tough boss? Boom! It turns every encounter into a fireworks show of destruction. So, if you come across this beast in the game, consider victory practically guaranteed.

1. Obliterator

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The Obliterator in Brotato is designed for one purpose – destruction. This heavy-hitting beast earns its place in the A-tier, signifying its potency in the arsenal of any aspiring potato conqueror. While not quite reaching the god-tier S-category, the Obliterator is a reliable choice, particularly for those facing challenges in eliminating elite enemies or bosses.

What makes the Obliterator unique is its jaw-dropping base damage and the ability to unleash a straight-line attack. Arguably, Its performance against high-health enemies is unmatched. The trade-off, however, lies in its sluggish attack speed and lengthy cooldown, making precision timing crucial. Furthermore, it complements builds that require an extra punch against tough adversaries while still holding its ground in other situations in the game.

So, what's your take on our picks for the best weapons in Brotato? Do you agree with our picks? Have you discovered any other weapon that deserves a spot here? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

6 Best Weapons in Brotato (2024)
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